If you’re here it’s because you are interested in joining me on my newest Challenge!

So, here’s the skinny…

Every year I undertake various challenges like learning a new skill or reading a whole bunch of books or maybe working my personal stuff like trying hard not to get angry! (You can read about my challenges on the blog here).

This year my Challenges have been much more fluid. After talking with a few people who tried a similar experiment, I decided that having conversations with lots of new people would be good for me. It helps me move forward on my main Challenge for the year which is all about being uncomfortable.

As an introvert, talking to a whole bunch of people can be… well… challenging!

So, I’ve decided to do the 1 to 1 Challenge. I will have 1 to 1 conversations with folks for 30 minutes.

Who are all these folks I’m going to chat with???


What are we going to talk about???

Well… whatever you want to!

Seriously! We can talk about balance in business because I’m always interested in how other people deal with finding balance, you can ask me questions about my new thing The Business Triad Framework, you can find out all about my cancer and Frankenboobie, REALLY! Nothing is off limits… well, maybe some things are…

If you know me, then you know I like to talk about business, the arts, music, biking, running, theater, books, my dogs…

If you don’t know me, even better! This is our opportunity to get to know each other.

How many of these conversations will I have???

Hmmmmm, good question. I’m not sure but I’m going to shoot for OVER 30 but UNDER 100.

How do you get in on the Challenge???

Well, click on the button below and it will take you to a calendar where you can pick an available slot.

That’s it.

Yes, really!

So, get to it and nab a spot before I change my mind!

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